Hi Classmates,

Time slips away and especially during the last few years. Five years since our last Class Reunion, and over a year since our annual breakfast. It would be so wonderful for us all to be together, but for various reasons it is not a good idea at this time.

Back to the drawing board for new ideas to celebrate our 55th Class Reunion. Here are a few ideas that a few of us tossed around that might work for us this year:

We would like to have your input on what would interest you and if you would like to participate with the class. We could do multiple things or just a few depending on your interest. Some of the items we may want to share would be:

  1. Name (Yours and your family members even include pets)
  2. Current city or address; maybe vacation spots
  3. What youre currently doing or enjoying in life
  4. Hobbies
  5. Current photo
  6. Share with us anything you want
  7. E-mail and/or social media profile (This you may share with class or just for private committee so we can keep in touch with you.)

Currently our Treasury has limited funds, some of which are used for the website and postage for mailings. We realize that some of the ideas would have costs involved so any donations would be appreciated. Please contact Janet Hackenberg.

The information provided on the form below will help us decide what the class would like to do. Please submit the completed form by June 14, 2021.

We hope to hear from everyone and look forward to having a nice celebration.

Reunion Committee

P.S. Class has some memorabilia from the 50th Class Reunion. If you are interested, contact Judy Willow.

Class of 1966 55th Class Reunion

Information/Interest Sheet

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