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Memory Challenge

Here are a few class pictures from years ago. Can you help identify the classmates in the picture?

If you think you know who any of these "cute kids", send an email to, identifying the picture and the classmate. For example: April 1956 photo. Cliff Valentine, third row, fifth from left.

We will be posting the results from time to time, so check back often.

Mifflinburg Elementary 1st Grade Class -- 1954-1955

First Row (Bottom - from left): Dean Day, Bruce Boney, Barbara Dimm, Rosie Campbell, Rodney Emery, Linda Fenstermacher, Kenneth Boyer.
Second Row (from left): Ricky Gonsolas, Alexis Bardo, Vivian Burkett, Alan Bechtel, Ruth Fisher, Larue Day, Linda Boop.
Third Row (from left): Teresa Bokano, Karen Berger, Eddie Akley, Nancy Boop, Alfred Bashore, Eugene DeWalt, Linda Aikey.
Fourth Row (from left): Pam Bollinger, Jerry Boop, Bob Beck, Shirly Catherman, Wayne Goss, Ralph Amman, Carol Badger.
Fifth Row (from left): Jane Arney, Leroy Gotshall, Tom Dorman, Larry Bottiger, Franklin Arney, Kenneth Cashner, Marlene Boop.

Mifflinburg Elementary 1st Grade Class -- 1954-1955
Teacher -- Mrs. Simington

First Row (Bottom - from left): Patricia Wolfe, Janet Wolfe, Linda Wallace, Sam Wehr, Patricia Wagner, ?, Terry Shemory.
Second Row (from left): Terry Shively, Roger Stahl, Vaughn Shirk, Robert Zimmerman, Judy Taylor, Spencer Smith, Gary Bingaman.
Third Row (from left): Barbara Wagner, Brenda Shirk, ?, Donna Wagner, Douglas Zimmerman, ?, Joyce Zimmerman.
Fourth Row (from left): Carl Shoemaker ,Robert Ulrich, ?, Cherry Shell, Iris Shell, ?, Samuel Wehr.
Fifth Row (from left): ?, Donald Swartzlander, Jr., Linda Kay Walter, Beverly Spayd, Rebecca Shively, John Schnure.

Mifflinburg Elementary 1st Grade Class -- 1954-1955
Teacher -- Mrs. Swartz

First Row (Bottom - from left): William Renninger, Howard Jarrett, Barry Kline, Jeffery Lytle, Edna Kline, Virginia Hanselman.
Second Row (from left): Russell Mook, Carol Raker, John Renninger, Laura Ross, Rosalie Heimbacu, Clair Kuhns.
Third Row (from left): Richard Heimbach, Clair Miller, David Mitchell, Mary Munson, Deanna Reigner, Richard Hassenplug.
Fourth Row (from left): Larry Williams, Connie Keefer, Jackie Kreamer, Nancy Iddings, Elizabeth Reidell, Martin Napp.

Mifflinburg Elementary 3rd Grade Class -- 1956-1957
Teacher -- Mrs. Long

First Row (Bottom - from left): Bob Beck, Larry Bottiger, Jane Arney, Pam Bollinger, James ?, Theresa Bakano.
Second Row (from left): Diane Dreese, Roger Funk, Gerald Boop, Ken Boyer, Rodney Emery, Barb Dimm, Eddie Ackley.
Third Row (from left): Richard Endy, Donnie Chappell, Linda Fenstermacher, Carol Badger, Vivian Burkert, Dave Benfer, Alexis Bardo.
Fourth Row (from left): Bruce Boney, Alfred Bayshore, Tom Dorman, Leroy Gotshall, Shirley Catherman, Rosie Campbell, Frank Arney.
Fifth Row (from left): LaRue Day, Ruth Fisher, Linda Boop, Linda Aikey, Mrs. Long.

Mifflinburg Elementary 3rd Grade Class -- 1956-1957

Mifflinburg Elementary 3rd Grade Class -- 1956-1957
Teacher -- Mrs. Sarah Reigle

First Row (Bottom - from left): Barbara Wagner, Donna Wagner, Spencer Smith, John Schnure, William Walker, Judy Taylor, Thomas Styers.
Second Row (from left): Patricia Wolf, Vaugh Shirk, Larry Smith, ?, Gary Bingaman, Joseph Styers, Roger Stahl.
Third Row (from left): James Shirk, Clifford Valentine, Carl Shoemaker, Donald Swartzlander, Joyce Ulrich, Robert Ulrich, Douglas Zimmerman, Robert Zimmerman, Barry Shoemaker.
Fourth Row (from left): Mrs. Sarah Reigle - Teacher, Beverly Spaid, Janet Wolf, Dennis Shively, ?, Linda Wallace,, Beverly Spaid, Samuel Wehr, Patricia Wagner.

Mifflinburg Elementary 5th Grade Class
Teacher -- Mrs. Walters

First Row (Bottom - from left): Linda Boop?, Paul Bridge, Bruce Boney, Tom Dorman, Pam Bollinger, Eddie Ackley, Ken Boyer.
Second Row (from left): Carol Badger, Shirley Catherman, Jane Arney, Nancy Bagrosky, Rodney Emery, Barbara Dimm, Linda Aikey, Barbara Dimm.
Third Row (from left): LaRue Day, Roger Funk, Virginia Hanselman, Alexis Bardo, Dave Benfer, Richard Day, Richard Hackenberg, Bob Beck.
Fourth Row (from left): Mrs. Walters, Diane Dreese, Vivian Burkett, Leroy Gotshall, Dick Endy, Bonnie Bingaman, Linda Bollinger, Larry Bottiger.

Thanks to Carol Badger Stover and Alexis Bardo Matt for supplying most of the names for this photo.

Mifflinburg Elementary 5th Grade Class
Teacher -- Miss Baird

First Row (Bottom - from left): Carl Shoemaker, Robert Zimmerman, Linda Wallace, Janet Wolf, Richard Winegardner, P. Snyder, ?, Kermit Shrawder, Larry Smith.
Second Row (from left): Judy Sampsell, Judy Taylor, Patricia Wagner, Joyce Ulrich, Donald Swartzlander, Wilma Wolheiter, Joseph Styers, Beverly Spaid.
Third Row (from left): Patricia Wolfe, Roger Stahl, Thomas Styers, James Shirk, Clifford Valentine, Douglas Zimmerman, David Smith, Betty Stahl.
Fourth Row (from left): Miss A. Baird, Donna Wagner, Barbara Wagner, Donald Stevenson, Ronald Stevenson, Barry Shoemaker, Spencer Smith, Vaugh Shirk.

Mifflinburg Elementary 5th Grade Class
Teacher -- Mrs. Funk

First Row (Bottom - from left): Deanna Reigner, Eileen Hoffman, Bill Chappell?, Jackie Kreamer, Russell Kline Mook, Janet Moyer, Jeanette Hassinger.
Second Row (from left): Connie Lohr, Richard Jows, John Pontius, Elizabeth Reidell, Mark Merrick, Rosalie Heimbach, Charles Klingler, Victor Kusin.
Third Row (from left): Jean Mowery, Richard Heimbach, Howard Jarrett, Clair Kuhns, E. Kline, David Hendricks, Larry Long, Terry Machamer?.
Fourth Row (from left): Mrs. Funk, Mary Munson, Tom Styers?, Roger Funk?, John Schnure, Colleen Moeller, Nancy Iddings, Jeffrey Lytle.

Mifflinburg Elementary 6th Grade Class
Teacher -- Mr. Crook

First Row (Bottom - from left): David Benfer, Eugene Jones, Bob Beck, Dick Hackenburg, Dick Day, LaRue Day, Roger Funk, Carl Clark.
Second Row (from left): Rodney Emery, Jesse Jones, Jane Arney, Bonnie Bingaman, Nancy Bagrasky, Alexis Bardo, Janet Dressler, Ginny Hanselman.
Third Row (from left): Carol Badger, Barb Dimm, Dick Endy, Vivian Berkert, Wayne Smith, Larry Bottiger, Linda Aikey, Bob Smith.
Fourth Row (from left): Mr. Crook, Pam Bollinger, Bruce Boney, Diane Dreese, Ken Boyer, LeRoy Gotshall, L. Bollinger, Shirley Catherman.

Mifflinburg Elementary 6th Grade Class
Teacher -- Mr. Shively

First Row (Bottom - from left): Connie Lohr, ?, Victor Kusin, Charles Klingler, Judy Sampsell, Elizabeth Reidell, Richard Jows.
Second Row (from left): Mary Munson, Deanna Reigner, Jeanette Hassinger, Janet Moyer, Colleen Moeller, Louise Mowery, Rosalie Heimbach, E. Kline?.
Third Row (from left): Clair Kuhns, Howard Jarrett, John Schnure, Mark Merrick, Richard Heimbach, David Hendricks, Larry Long, Edna Kline.
Fourth Row (from left): Mr. Shively, Eileen Hoffman, Jackie Kreamer, Nancy Iddings, Jean Mowery, Russell Mook, Jeff Lytle, Kerwin Lynch.

Mifflinburg Elementary 6th Grade Class
Teacher -- Mr. Wagaman

First Row (Bottom - from left): Kermit Shrawder, Wilma Wolheiter, Beverly Spaid, Dennis Woolsey, Carl Shoemaker, Richard Winegardner, Larry Smith.
Second Row (from left): David Smith, Betty Stahl, Douglas Zimmerman, Linda Wallace, Joyce Ulrich, Janet Wolfe, Judy Taylor, Patricia Wagner.
Third Row (from left): Ronald Stevenson, Vaugh Shirk, Patricia Wolfe, Spencer Smith, Thomas Styers, Douglas Zimmerman, Joseph Styers, Donald Swartzlander.
Fourth Row (from left): Mr. Wagaman, Donald Stevenson, James Shirk, Donna Wagner, Barbara Wagner, Barry Shoemaker, Clifford Valentine, Roger Stahl.

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