Memory Lane -- Laurelton Elementary

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Memory Challenge

Here are a few class pictures from years ago. Can you help identify the classmates in the picture?

If you think you know who any of these "cute kids", send an email to, identifying the picture and the classmate. For example: April 1956 photo. Cliff Valentine, third row, fifth from left.

We will be posting the results from time to time, so check back often.

Laurelton Elementary 1st Grade Class

First Row (Bottom - from left): ?, Carol Bilger, Donald McDavid, Karen Bouy, Jeffery BriningerGary Hubbard.
Second Row (from left): Steven ?, C. Schnure, Joan Shively, Joseph Snyder, Carol Schnure, Donald Boyer.
Third Row (from left): Samuel Koonsman, Shirley Fensterbush, Kenneth Shirk, Gail Bouy, Gary Bingaman, Persival Weinsaul.
Fourth Row (from left): Dennis Himes, Verna Erdley, Stanley Loss, Rachel Hain, Jacob Earl Lamey.
Fifth Row (from left): John Showalter, Linda ?, Ernest Keister, Lena Thomas, Glenn Feaster, Wanda Galer.

Laurelton Elementary 3rd Grade Class
Teacher -- Mrs. Mary Burrell

First Row (Bottom - from left): Dennis Himes, Chester Koonsman, Brenda Shirk, Stanley Loss, Verna Erdley, Rachel Hain, Carol Bilger, Percival Weidensaul, Joann Shively, Jacob Lamey, Kenneth Shirk Jr.
Second Row (from left): Glenn Feaster, Gary Bingaman, Jacob Lamey, Nancy Dorman, Lena Thomas, Jean Shively, Joseph Snyder, Carlota Falcon, Joseph Lamey, Terry Shively, Terry Shemory, Samuel Koonsman.
Third Row (from left): Mrs. Mary Burrell, Daniel McDavitt, Jerry Brininger, Kay Shively, Carol Schnure, Donald Boyer, Linda Kay Walter, Gary Hubbert, Ernest Keister, Virginia Wolf.

Laurelton Elementary 5th Grade Class -- 1958-1959
Teacher -- Mr. Milan Jamison

First Row (Bottom - from left): Gary Bingaman, Marcella Yoder, Lena Thomas, Nancy Dorman, Jacob Lamey.
Second Row (from left): Chester Koonsman, Linda "Kay" Walter, Robert Derr, Donald Boyer, Janet Dressler, Carol Schnure, Jerry Brininger, Daniel McDavitt.
Third Row (from left): Joseph Snyder, Joseph Lamey, Dennis Himes, Gerald Boop, Sam Koonsman, Gary Hubbert, Ernest Keister, Glenn Feaster.
Fourth Row (from left): Mr. Milan Jamison, Kenneth "Ben" Shirk, Jr., Rachel Hain, Verna Erdley, Carol Bilger, Brenda Shirk, Terry Shively, William "Bill" Chappell, Jr.

Laurelton Elementary 6th Grade Class -- 1959-1960
Teacher -- Mr. Milan Jamison

First Row (Bottom - from left): Donald Boyer, Daniel McDavitt, Carol Schnure, Linda Kay Walter, Samuel Koonsman.
Second Row (from left): Marcella Yoder, Lena Thomas, Carol Knechel, Joseph Snyder, Glenn Feaster, Kenneth Shirk, Jr., Ernest Keister, Gary Hubbert.
Third Row (from left): Terry Shively, Robert Derr, Carol Bilger, Verna Erdley, Gerald Boop, Dennis Himes, William Chappell, Jr., Thomas Crawford.
Fourth Row (from left): Mr. Milan Jamison, Brenda Shirk, Rachael Hain, Nancy Dorman, Chester Koonsman, Magaret Rager, Joanne Rager, Jacob Lamey.

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