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Memory Challenge

Here are a few class pictures from years ago. Can you help identify the classmates in the picture?

If you think you know who any of these "cute kids", send an email to, identifying the picture and the classmate. For example: April 1956 photo. Cliff Valentine, third row, fifth from left.

We will be posting the results from time to time, so check back often.

New Berlin 1st Grade Class
Teacher -- Mrs. Solomon

First Row (Bottom - from left): Kenneth Sauers, Edward Hackenburg, Nevin Walter, Terry Willow, Donald Wetzel, Earl Solomon, Wayne Smith, Terry Machamer.
Second Row (from left): Barbara Boney, David Seebold, Janet Gessner, Franklin Showers, Catana Dorman, Ronald Keister, Gloria Bingaman, Thomas Styers.
Third Row (from left): Linda Boyer, Steven Libby, Linda Richard, ?, Linda Hummel, Dennis Susan, Anna Keister, Glenn Kuhns.
Fourth Row (from left): Jay Walter, Susan VanHorn, Roger Funk, Nora Miller, Thomas Sauers, ?,Donald Snook, Shirley Satteson.
Fifth Row (from left): Sandra Reich, George Hauck, ?, ?, ?, Stanley Sauers, Judith Geise.

New Berlin 2nd Grade Class -- April 1956
Teacher -- Mrs. Lawson

First Row (Bottom - from left): ?, Leonard Swanger, George Hauck, Donald Snook, Kenneth Sauers, Wayne Smith, Edward Hackenburg, Donald Wetzel, Glenn Kuhns, Terry Mahamer, Steven Libby.
Second Row (from left): Linda Boyer, Linda Richard, Catana Dorman, Shirley Satteson, Anna Keister, Judith Geise, Janet Gessner, Barbara Boney, Linda Hummel.
Third Row (from left): Terry Willow, Stanley Sauers, Earl Solomon, Ronald Keister, David Seebold, Franklin Showers, Sandra Reich, Susan Keister, Nora Miller, Jay Walter, Roger Funk.
Standing: Mrs. Lawson - Teacher.

New Berlin 3rd Grade Class
Teacher -- Miss Boone

First Row (Bottom - from left): Anna Keister, Donald Snook, Donald Clark, Linda Hummel, Edward Hackenburg, Linda Richard, Judith Geise, Glenn Kuhns, Donald Wetzel.
Second Row (from left): Kenneth Sauers, Sandra Reich, Stanley Sauers, Leonard Swanger, David Seebold, Thomas Sauers, Catana Dorman, Wayne Smith, Steven Libby.
Third Row (from left): Barbara Boney, Terry Machamer, Janet Gessner, Shirley Satteson, Terry Willow, Ronald Keister, George Hauck, Miss Boone - Teacher.
Fourth Row (from left): Susan Keister, Jay Walter, Earl Solomon, Linda Boyer, Franklin Showers, Nora Miller.

New Berlin 4th Grade Class

New Berlin 5th Grade Class
Teacher -- Mr. Klingler

First Row (Bottom - from left): Janet Gessner, Barbara Boney.
Second Row (from left): Kenneth Sauers, Ronald Keister, Nora Miller, Sandra Reich, Catana Dorman, Van Bowersox, Susan Keister, Barbara Benfer, Rose Whitmyer.
Third Row (from left): Stanley Sauers, John Zimmerman, Earl Solomon, Wayne Smith, Franklin Showers, Jeffrey Brininger, Terry Willow, Jay Walter, Linda Boyer.
Fourth Row (from left): Edward Hackenburg, Linda Hummel, Linda Richard, Donald Snook, Terry Machamer, George Hauck, Steven Libby, Wayne Smith, David Seebold.
Fifth Row (from left): Mr. Klingler - Teacher, Donald Clark, Donald Wetzel, Glenn Kuhns, Judy Geise.

New Berlin 6th Grade Class
Teacher -- Mr. Snook

First Row (Bottom - from left): Ronald Keister, John Zimmerman, Steven Libby, Terry Willow, David Seebold, Kenneth Sauers, Stanley Sauers, Terry Machamer.
Second Row (from left): Susan Keister, Linda Boyer, Rose Whitmyer, Barbara Benfer, Catana Dorman, Janet Gessner, Barbara Boney, Nora Miller.
Third Row (from left): Linda Hummel, Linda Richard, Judith Geise, Van Bowersox, Earl Solomon, Jay Walter, Franklin Showers, Jeffrey Brininger.
Fourth Row (from left): Mr. Snook - Teacher, George Hauck, Warren Fritz, Donald Snook, Glenn Kuhns, Edward Hackenburg, Donald Clark, Donald Wetzel.

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