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Memory Challenge

Here are a few class pictures from years ago. Can you help identify the classmates in the picture?

If you think you know who any of these "cute kids", send an email to, identifying the picture and the classmate. For example: April 1956 photo. Cliff Valentine, third row, fifth from left.

We will be posting the results from time to time, so check back often.

Buffalo Cross Roads 1st Grade Class 1954-1955
Teacher -- Mrs. Danowsky

Top Row (from left): Bonnie Boyer, John Naugle, Charles Mack Jr., Mrs. Danowsky, Jerry Zimmerman, Marilyn Jacobs, Gerald Beck.
Second Row (from left): Johnny Beaver, Donald Reed (dec), Michael Hinkelman, Connie Hauck, Glenn Beck, Tony Reitenbach, Greg Walters.
Third Row (from left): Dorothy Louise Miller (dec), Lewis Campbell, Charlie Naugle, David Erb, Kerwin Lynch, Donald Struble, David Hackenberg.
Fourth Row (from left): Linda Lilley, Tommy Hertzog, Joanne Felice, Martin Erb, Sandy Beaver, Nevin Mowery (dec), Linda Koch.
Bottom Row (from left): Frank Ferris, Willard Allen, Roscoe Barto, Clyde Chappell, Robert Webster, Byron Pentycofe, Hugh Swartz, Tim Struble.

Note: Mrs. Danosky became ill and Mrs. Swartz finished the school year.

Buffalo Cross Roads 3rd Grade Class 1956-1957
Teacher -- Mrs. Crisswell

Top Row (from left): Joanne Felice, Wanda Snyder, Jeff Brininger, Allen Libby, Donnie Reed, Williard Allen, Marlin Erb, Robert Webster, Connie Keefer, Bonnie Boyer, Mrs. Criswell.
Second Row (from left): Byron Pentycoff, Linda Koch, Kerwin Lynch, Dave Hackenberg, Charlie Naugle, John Naugle, Tom Hertzog, Darrell Yost, Clyde Chappell, Roscoe Bardo, Nancy Carter, Tim Struble.
Bottom Row (from left): Hugh Swartz, Greg Walter, Sandy Beaver, Connie Hauck, Jean Walls, Michael Hinkleman, Donald Struble, Robert Schreck, Charlie Mack, Gerald Beck.

Photo courtesy of Darrell Yost and Bonnie Stahl.

Buffalo Cross Roads 4th Grade Class 1957-1958
Teacher -- Mrs. Johnson

Buffalo Cross Roads 5th Grade Class 1958-1959

Buffalo Cross Roads 6th Grade Class 1959-1960

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